2015 Specialized Pitch And Jynx Preview

2015 Specialized Pitch And Jynx Preview - Pitch

New for 2015 Specialized have released details of two brand new 650b wheel-sized hard-tail bikes that would not normally be covered by Blurred, as the are aimed at more casual riders… however they look like they’ll be great bikes to ride, providing lots of fun and that’s the important bit… FUN!

2015 Specialized Pitch And Jynx Preview - Jynx

The Specialized Jynx 650B is a female specific bike, featuring components designed to anotomically suit the differences female riders need, such as saddle, gips, handle bars and changes to the frame geometry. Component wise it’s certainly not suited to mounting your next enduro series campaign, however featuring a mixture of Shimano and Suntour components it’s a great range for someone who wants to ride for fun or upgrading to a full-size bike for an older child.

The Specialized Pitch 650B has geometry suited to male riders along with components to suit.

The frame for both bikes is constructed using the familiar Specialized A1 aluminium alloy, so they’ll handle well and last a long time. Both the Pitch and Jynx come in two specifications, a standard model with Tektro cable-operated disc brakes and a Sport model with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes.

If you have a good memory, you'll notice that Specialized have used the Pitch name before. It uased to be attached to a long (for the day) travel Freeride style bike that sat below the BigHit.

If you’re being asked about a bike for a casual rider, or an upgrade for an older child, then the Specialized Pitch or Specialized Jynx should be something to point out.

Source: Specialized

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