Shimano Di2 XTR Electronic Gears Announced

It's time has come, Shimano have matched their Di2 electronic digital shifting to the XTR group and the world of mountain bikers.

Shimano are promoting the XTR Di2 for it's accuracy and reliability, based on their experience with the road-going versions that have been in market for some years now. It's designed to be light, strong and trail proof and survive any weather conditions your should encounter.

Rear derailleur:
The XTR Di2 rear derailleur is a new Shadow Plus design optimised for lower shifting effort and will be available with cage lengths to suit, single, double and triple rings.

Front derailleur:
Shimano are claiming the new Di2 front derailleur shifts 2X faster than a traditional mechanical cable actuated system.

Shifters and Indicator:
Interestingly, Shimano have designed the shifter mechanism to mimic what has become the default design for shifter leavers; a pair of "flappy clickers". The familiar click-to-click triggers should encourage riders to embrace the Di2.

It's the indicators that have the biggest visual impact you are riding something very different with a sleek minimised look that'll give quick feedback on battery, mode, gear indicator and also it's compatible with Fox Shocks electronic suspension system.

Another point of note is that Shimano give you the option to run in 'sync" mode, this is where both front and rear mechanisms work together to keep you in the most suitable set of over all gears. Simply put, the system detects what you needs and gives you the best option as you select, this is a way of covering those spots of overlap when you run a triple, or event double front derailleur.

Rear derailleur (M9050) - 289g
Front derailleur (M9070) - 115g
System display (SC-M9050) - 30g
Shifter (SW-M9050) - 64g
Battery - TBC

The proof will come out on trail, however the immediate indication is that Shimano have placed a lot of resources behind Di2 systems and the XTR Di2 will only be the start of the mountain bike product range.

Source: Shimano

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