Please Use This Song: The Greatest Ad Song Ever!

Please Use This Song: The Greatest Ad Song Ever!

The music business is an odd beast. It attracts people that want to create the best music they can for others to listen to, and to create that music, well in most cases you'll need some money to do it. The money might buy you technology, access to a studio/engineer, musicians, instruments, or just time to create the music... so it's inevitable that musicians have a constant struggle about how to get their money. Their needs may be small, but with the return from music sales getting smaller if you can get a money from a guaranteed source you'll likely jump at it... but what if it's an ad!

Do you take the deal that allows your music to sell XXX product...

I'm not a musician, so I can't offer much advice, but I think this video by Jon Lajoie sums up the cynicism that surrounds the selection of music used to sell. It's also a great companion piece for this; The World's Best Generic Brand Video.

Note: Content of this video is NSFW

Source: Jon Lajoie

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