Cedric Gracia: Through My Eyes: Season 2, Episode 1

It's all the rage to create a series of web edits for top athletes to promote their sport and their achievements and I'll be honest, I approve!


Well, I had a few years working for a major pay-tv operator running their digital (online) channels and services and found it extremely frustrating that their sport offering was dominated by such a limited amount of programming, football (pick your poison, union, federated, league or that wacky US-centric one with body armour and made up rules), cricket, golf, cricket, basketball, cricket, netball, cricket, tennis and more fucking cricket! I tried desperately to get interested in something else, to extend the offering into other sports, however I was constantly met with a blank stare. I know from conversations with peers around the world I was not on my own.

The result has been the explosion in athletes turning out their own content, such as Ken Block and Danny MacAskill who create events. On the other hand you have Steve Peat who delivers a more episodic/diary style. It's great for their them to build and support their profile, their sponsors and also reach fans around the world.

Cedric Gracia is into his second season of Through My Eyes, which is quite special considering he almost died in an enduro event in the Reunion Islands late last year.

Source: Cedric Gracia

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