Teva Roller Shoes

I’ll be honest, I’m a big fan of "making do”. It’s a simple enough concept, why use something specialised when something generalised will do pretty much most of what you need when you need it most often. It’s a great rule, for example what’s the best camera… well the answer is the one you have immediate access to, in my case 95% of my photos are taken on a mobile phone, which I’ll have in a pocket. The other 5% are on my Nikon DSLR, but I must make a conscious decision to have it with me.

You can get through a lot of your mountain biking needs by making do, but there’s a couple on areas I think are non-negotiable, such as protection (always wear an approved and appropriate cycling helmet), shorts (wear cycling shorts.. I’m not going to comment on style) and footwear (because incorrect footwear will destroy you peddling efficiency and in some cases, it’s downright dangerous).

The Teva Roller looks like a stock sneaker/skate shoe, but it’s really not. It’s a flat-pedal shoe that can be worn as an alternative to a pair of sneakers, but you can jump on your bike and ride. The upper is suede leather with synthetic liner and Teva proprietary soles.

The key is in the construction, where Teva have employed their Spider Rubber sole along with PedalLINK outsole to provide a shoe that keeps you connected to your pedals and that’ll keep you moving. It also keeps the shoes from being too stiff for everyday wear and walking about.

I can wear these shoes through a day of work and not feel fatigued, however when it comes to riding after about 30 mins on the trail I find they are not stiff enough and I’ll start to feel the strain.

Pros and Cons:
+Well made
- Not up to abuse in the bush in the wet
- Support is light

The Teva Roller is a great pair of shoes to have about when you’ll need to ride your bike for a short period (no more than 30 mins), however if you are heading for the trails you’ll need something a bit more supportive. They make a great commuter shoe or something to grab to wear on a ride with the kids.

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