Steep: Presented By Vaude

Vertriding the name for a niche form of mountain bike riding... quite niche I believe, as it involves finding very large steep mountains to ride down... vertically!

German outdoor company Vaude has created this edit, which is quite astonishing, though I'm not if it'll sell them more climbing clothing or not!

Press release:
The trails in the Tyrolean Mountains are steep, extremely steep. Some have advanced to become true Vertriding Classics, the kind of trails legends are made of. Trails such as the "Crazy Edward Trail", which according to stories has only been ridden once and since then defeated all those that have attempted it again. 

In the last part of his trilogy, filmmaker Johannes Mair, sends one of the pioneers of this biking form, Christian 'Picco' Piccolruaz, back to tackle the trails he first rode many years ago. Axel Kreuter, who has become the embodiment of Vertriding over the last years and the first to ride some of the most spectacular lines, tries his luck on the Crazy Edward in "Steep".

Source: Vaude

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