RockShox Bluto: A Fork For Fat Bikes

It’s official, the release of the RockShox Bluto, a fork designed for fat bikes. Yep, if you have a hankering for a bike with those very wide tyres, you can now get one with a factory RockShox fork.

The RockShox Bluto has been engineered with many of the common features we expect, such as RockShox: Rapid Recovery rebound, Fast Black aluminium upper tubes, the infinitely tuneable Solo Air spring, stout 15mm (x150mm!) Maxle Lite, remote or crown adjustable damper, and tapered steerer tube. Then, the chassis got the fat treatment by reengineering it to meet the unique needs of fat tires and wheels. Everything from crown, to arch, to axle has been optimised to tackle the increased torsional loads of its wide stance and accommodate the fat bike tires.

Bluto Specs
Model: RL
Wheel Size: 26”
Travel: 80/100/120mm
Steerer: Tapered
Offset: 51mm
Axle: 15×150 Maxle Lite
Damper Adjust: Crown or Remote (PushLoc) compression to lockout, rebound
Spring: Solo Air
Tire clearance: 4.8” max.
Color: Black, White (OE only), Diffusion Black (OE only)
Target Weight: 1796g (3.96 lb)

Inclusion of the Bluto on any fat bike should make it a more usable beast than just for snow and sand, though I don’t imagine you’ll see many at XC races or enduro events.

Source: RockShox

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