Apparatus-X: Possibly The Greatest Trailer Ever?

I have a dream where one day I can be deep in some woods or bushland with the trails laid out before me and many days stretching ahead of me to ride and explore.. but to do all that I’ll need somewhere to stay and also a place to store the many things I’d need to support my travels.

The list would be long, aside from the usual selection of bikes (n+1), there’ll be tires of varying treads and compounds, tools, lights, chargers, more tools, back packs, helmets, cameras etc. Then there’s somewhere to sleep, cook and just hangout and absorb.

I could go for a tent and my trusty Subaru Legacy wagon, or move up to a combi-style camper, or maybe a tricked out Landrover. They are all good, but have different restrictions, from not enough space for tools, bikes, cooking etc to well I’ll be blunt, I don’t like the hassle of a tent (just ask my family). Really the compromises are heading to the point of becoming overwhelming and I’m going off the idea.

Then I found this… the Apparatus-X… which is possibly the greatest trailer ever!

Designed by students of Penn State University in the US. The Apparatus-X has been designed to enable workers to operate in a independent, sustainable way in a post-emergency situation, such as hurricane, earthquake etc. The Apparatus-X is a trailer (caravan) built to serve as a workshop, office and housing whilst workers can get on with repair and rebuilding. It includes solar panels and water collection and filtration systems. It’s been designed to carry and store tools and materials for any project… now, just stand back for a moment and imagine it equipped as a mobile bike workshop… it’s just so bloody awesome.

Source: Apparatus-X

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