The World's Best 'This Is A Generic Brand Video'

The World's Best Generic Brand Video

It's a common enough story, a lot of passion, time and effort is spent on a creation that'll be incredible. Through it you'll gain fame, fortune and endless fuckery... however, too often the creation turns out to be something not what you'd expect. Mary Shelley wrote a great book about it.

In this case, you have the company, Dissolve, they curate and distribute stock video footage that can be used for commercial purposes, from training films to music videos, but most often advertising.

To promote their service, Dissolve have created an uber clip, however when paired with This Is A Generic Brand Video voice-over by Kendra Eash you can feel the creation become the monster, as it quickly brings to your attention how same/same advertising has become in it's desire.

Look at it again and how quickly could you this be selling you insurance, energy generation, a political stance or edible plastic?

Have Dissolve unwittingly created a monster that'll undo their business and cause the advertising industry to fall to it's knees and repent... I doubt it. Though you never know, it would only take a few people to start questioning the direction of a proposed advertising campaign and ask why their expensive advertisement looks so much like all the others.

Source: Dissolve

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