Beyond Gravity: SRAM X01 DH Designed For Downhill

The latest member of the SRAM X01 family has been announced and it's a 7-speed down hill specific drive-chain family of components.

It'll be know by the rather unwieldy title of SRAM X01 DH 7-Speed... personally I think you have to hand it to Shimano here for naming their group sets, as you'll agree it's easy to remember Saint or Zee, whereas SRAM X01 now has three family groups, not exactly customer friendly.

The new X01 DH 7-Speed joins the existing 10 and 11-speed drive chains and shares much of the design philosophy, though this new range is focused on strength and reliability under more extreme racing conditions.

The new range includes a downhill specific carbon crankset, the SRAM X01 DH X-Sync crankset with a sub 800 gram weight.

The rear SRAM X01 DH 7-Speed X-Horizon Rear Derailleur is focused on reliability that a downhiller expects, so they've concentrated on keeping shifting smooth and fast, with hopefully the elimination of ghost shifts.

Other components include a new shifter, rear cassette, driver body and chain rings. Interestingly SRAM have designed the new 7-speed system to run their existing XX111-speed chain, as they believe it's the strongest chain they make.

In summary, the new components looks like they'll be reliable and tough.

Source: SRAM

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