Team CRC/Nukeproof 27.5 Downhill Bike

Will 2014 be the year that teams take changes in wheel size seriously?

There were moments in the 2013 UCI World Cup Downhill and World Championship Downhill when some teams and individuals made some experimental and exploratory attempts to try something different and we saw riders using 27.5/605b wheeled downhill bikes, some trying 29 wheeled enduro bikes and even experiments running 26 or 27.5 enduro bikes... why, because they want an advantage and they want to win!

UK based team CRC/Nukeproof have been one of the first to publicly come out and show they are pushing on with a 27.5 prototype to campaign in 2014 and the team at Dirt Magazine have created a couple of videos about the process and the results.

Part 1 - The Design

Part 2 - The Riders Reactions

The CRC/Nukeproof has been ridden by team members Joe Smith and Mike Jones, but what everyone really wants to know is what will it do in the hands on Sam Hill hits the slopes at the first race at Cascades MTB Park, Pietermariztburg, South Africa in April.

Source: Dirt Magazine / CRC/Nukeproof

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