Straitline AMP Pedals


Straitline Components are a Canadian precision engineering and manufacturing company who just happen to be passionate about mountain biking, so when they needed replacement parts they made their own. Quickly they realised that making their own parts was a good match for their existing manufacturing capability, and have extended the product lines so that it includes pedals, stems, chain rings, chain guide, bash guards and more.

Over time my riding style has moved from SPD "click-in" pedals to flats, so when my 2013 Giant Reign 2 arrived I needed a set of flats before I could hit the trail.

The Straitline Components AMP (All Mountain Pedal) impressed me with it’s quality and light weight, however as the saying goes, you can have quality, weight, price, but you have to pick two. However when you stack up the AMPs against some other brands they could be considered money well spent, they are not cheap, but neither are they outrageously expensive.

Before you hit the trails though, you’ll need to finish assembling the pedals and fit them. First of you’ll need to attach all the pins to the pedals, luckily there’s a supplied pin-wrench and some well thought out instructions. When that’s done, the pedals need to be attached with an 8mm pedal wrench.

Weighing in at 336 grams, I’ve found the AMP to be a strong, light platform. There is a titanium axle version that saves 60 grams, but pushes the price up quite significantly. On the bike, they have just the right amount of friction to keep the spinning too loosely, yet just enough to keep the power applied.

The anodised coating is hard and remarkably mark resistant, and the pins offer a great hold, especially when paired with a good pair of flat shoes from FiveTen or Teva.

Pros and Cons:
+Very well made
+Value for money, that’s not to say they are cheap, they are just worth the price you’ll pay
-No spare pins included

Images: These Broken Paths

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