Shimano Sport Camera CM-1000

There has always been a desire in mankind to create ways to document what we do in our lives. We started (as evidence shows us) illustrating cave walls with what we saw, ranging from animals to plants. Later as we created cities, we illustrated the walls of our buildings, started an agreed format for scratching marks into tablets of clay and thus was born writing.

Technology brought us paper, inks and more enduring pigments for paint. Though it was still limited to a few who could create and understand (or ever get to see), the documenting of our lives continued. Writers and illustrators roamed the globe and that exploration coincided nicely with the increasing numbers of the population who could read and write their about their own lives and the last 300+ hundred years created a wealth or images and stories.

The next leap in technology was the ability to capture reality, in the form of photographs, sound recording and lastly moving images on a sequencial film and it was in many cases driven by those wanting to document their own lives. Manufacturers quickly grasped this concept, why sell a few things to professionals when you could sell to practically anyone, and the consumer market was born.

Our current technology driver is to create and share content in real or near-real time. Right now you can capture a high quality image on a mobile device and share it with the world in moments… and that’s pretty mind blowing.

Mountain bikers love to share stories and adventures, however I’m sure you’ll agree the environment we choose to belong to is not kind, it’ll range from hot, hard and dusty to cold, frozen and wet, with every combination available. We ride at speed and we sometimes stop from that speed suddenly and unpredictably, so we need cameras that can cope… oh and they need to be small, because we are on a self-powered vehicle.

Enter the “action camera”, small, light and rugged devices for capturing, images, video and sound. Whilst they are not compulsory, they are common, and the reason for having one ranges from being a film-maker to a training tool and everything in between. It’s also becoming a very competitive market.

Shimano have a strong tradition as a components manufacturer, focused mostly on brakes and drive chains, though in recent years they are including additional components, such as wheels, hubs, stems and bars and now they have just announced their own digital action camera, the Shimano Sport Camera CM-1000 to compete with devices from Sony, GoPro, Contour and JVC.

It’ll match the features of the competitors, 1080HD, high-frame rate modes, WiFi connectivity and more:

  • f2.0 lens for low-light performance
  • 6MP image sensor for 1080HD vide
  • 135 degree and 180 degree field of vie
  • Auto rotation for different mounting possibilities
  • Unit weighs in at just 86 grams and measures; 44 x 70 x 30mm (about the size of a deck of cards)
  • Waterproof to 10 meters without a case
  • WiFi connectivity and iOS and Android apps
  • ANT+ and ANT connection to transmit data to other accessories
  • Micro SD card media type

The basic bundle includes the camera, lens cover, adhesive pad, helmet mount and strap, USB cord and manual. There are chest and hat/cap mounts available as accessories. Interesting there is no bar mount kits, though Shimano have chosen to use the same bracket style as the GoPro range.

Launch price will be USD $299 and be available after May 2014.

Source: Shimano

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