A Broken Wrist: Two Weeks On

Time for an update after my visit to the orthopaedic clinic at North Shore Hospital today, where I had another x-ray of my broken wrist and a consultation with a doctor.

Good news! The break is healing really well, so the likely hood of facing surgery has fallen away, though I will remain in the plaster cast for another four weeks. Today it was re-enforced with a blue fibre-glass wrap (the colour was chosen by my daughter Rose).

I'm still facing some intense recovery work, when the cast comes off, and I may end up with restricted movement of my wrist. Meanwhile with the help of Carla I'm trying to do what I can to help with the healing in terms of nutrition, supplemental treatment and rest. I'm focusing on good protein, calcium (raw milk), cod liver oil, arnica and a homeopathic repair tonic.

I still have some pain, especially toward the end of the day and early in the morning when I wake up. I'm adjusting to what I can and cannot do, the biggest struggle is admitting that I need some assistance now and again, as even simple tasks, like tying my shoelaces, or carrying a cup of tea and a plate with my lunch on it at the same time are beyond me, it's certainly been the most unforeseen part of the riding accident for me.

Do I have a time for when I'll be back on the bike? It's not definitive yet, but depending on how everything looks when the cast is removed I'm hoping to be riding again six weeks from now.

Source: These Broken Paths

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