A Broken Wrist: One Week On

To recap, I had a crash on my mountain bike a week ago and the diagnosis was, impacted intra-articular fracture of left distal radius with ulnar styloid fracture, put simply a broken wrist. It was treated using a Biers Block procedure and secured with a plaster cast.

I had my return visit to North Shore Hospital today with the orthopaedic team to get an update and maybe discuss next steps with my injury. It all seemed pretty straight forward, had an x-ray, sat around for a while in the waiting area watching the world go by.

When my time came meet with the doctor he started with a question, "what do you understand of your injury?". I explained how it happened and what I understood to be the extent of the injury and what the concerns were... so far, all good. Then I had a question, about the fracture, how concerned were they about it... then he showed me the image you can see above... the fracture was far worse than I initially understood... I'm sure time stopped as I just focussed on the image I could see on the screen.

I've highlighted the fracture... everybody say oooh, fuck that looks nasty!

In short my current treatment is managing the disaster that happened, not as I flew through the air, but as I landed.

So, what's next? Not much, a reassessment next week as the concern is that it's not too get worse.

I'll update after my next visit.

Source: These Broken Paths

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