Portable Alloy Casting From Discarded Cans

Once upon a time I started my working life with a manufacturing engineering company, by choice (and probably necessity) we did everything in-house and specialised in working in brass, alloy, steel and stainless-steel. We ran our own production lines of automatic and semi-automatic machines that could turn a billet of metal into anything we or a customer needed. It was fascinating to start with a cold lump of metal and change it... it was in reflection a satisfying and beautiful process.

At the company we also had our own foundry, as we casted various brass and aluminium alloys into parts for various purposes, from household, to industrial and even for yachting. I always wanted to do more than we did, however I was restrained by the comfort levels of the owners, so I moved on from manufacturing engineering, however I'm still drawn to innovative solutions, especially those on a smaller scale.

From Sao Paulo, Brazil, you can watch the video below about how a UK group Studio Swine have developed a portable furnace to create alloy furniture from discarded drink cans using very basic sand casting techniques and a small set of tools.

It's a fascinating and hypnotic process... now just imagine if you could cast your own bike parts?

Source: Fast Company / Studio Swine

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