Play The Road: Featuring VW GTI And Underworld

Apps... for your phone, your computer, your car... what do they all mean?

In many cases they mean you get to re-image your photos, play a game and decide whether that place has good tacos or not... okay, so I'm in danger here of making apps sound trivial, but that's not what I'm aiming at. It's that fact that most apps are just variations on the known and few offer innovation in what can be done when you harness powerful portable hardware with some smart programming.

Volkswagen in the UK have teamed up with the band Underworld to produce an app, Play The Road, that is aware of it's surroundings, input from a GTI car and creates an output that is delivered in sound and vision. Using sensors in the smartphone that sense motion (accelerometer and gyroscope), location (GPS), image (camera) and sound (microphone), along with input from the cars onboard ECU (speed, engine rpm) the app generates a sound track that is fed back into the car stereo along with graphics displayed on the screen.

It's an impressive example of what you can do combining the hardware and software... now imagine something similar connected to your mountain bike, encompassing sensors feeding back the performance of your bike, your body and the environment.

Sadly though, the app is not available to download for test or purchase, however they seem to be keen on developing it further with other musicians, so it may not be that far away.

Source: Volkswagen

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