Yeti Cycles 2014 Trail, All Mountain And Enduro Bikes

"You want choice! We got choice for ya!" - would be the quote from Yeti Cycles as they unveil their 2014 range. Of course you really need to imagine this being shouted at you from a distance of a couple of feet by a large man wearing an inappropriately coloured and sized t-shirt, an interesting body odour and being very, very sweaty… or was that some nightmare remnant from last nights sleep?

As many manufacturers have decided to completely embrace the 27.5 wheel size, Yeti have thrown down the gauntlet and said NO.. it's important to offer three wheel sizes on a range of bikes, 26, 27.5 and 29. After all, people come in different sizes right? If you doubt this logic, then I have a pre-prepared retort for you; Jared Graves who has been riding a SB66 on 26 wheels in the Enduro World Series and the UCI Downhill World Championships (where he was very close to pulling off a victory).

SB66 Series - All Mountain
The SB66 in the new various forms is looking to continue the on from previous models, it'll continue to deliver the supreme all mountain ability that's so highly valued and respected from the SB66 range. Yeti claim their Switch Technology is what gives this range of bikes the ability to climb with ease and offer lots of travel on rough, fast descending trails.

The 2014 SB66 family consists of the SB66 Carbon, SB66 Comp and SB66.

Across the SB66 family the frame sizes range from x-small to x-large and you'll be able to chose between purchasing a frame to a variety of build-kits, depending on your local distributor.

SB95 Series - Trail / All Mountain
In Yeti speak the 9 represents wheel size (29) and the 5 travel (5"), which means if you love to rock the big wheels then something in the SB95 family is the bike for you.

To produce the SB95 Yeti have been on a three year program that has seen many prototypes built, ridden and then cast aside as being just not good enough. Their aim was to produce a 29 wheeled bike with superior suspension performance and they believe they have achieved it by applying Switch Technology and developing some remarkably short chain-stays for the big wheels.

The 2014 SB95 family consists of the SB95 Carbon, SB95 Comp and SB95.

The SB95 series includes a full carbon SB95C range or an alloy-frame/carbon rear range, sizes range from small to x-large.

SB75 and 575 Series - Trail / All Mountain / Race
This is the new range for Yeti, a family of specific 27.5 wheeled frames that have been designed from the ground up to be a not just highly capable trail bike, but also a race winning bike, meet the 575 and SB75.

It's an all alloy frame and will be valuable in frame sizes from x-small to large and a number of builds ranging from trail to enduro or even race.

The 2014 27.5 family consists of the 575 and SB75.

These look like a great set of bikes from Yeti and as always they'll be highly sought after. Like their namesake however a sighting will be rare, as this brand attracts a premium price tag. My choice would be an SB66 Comp in black.

Source: Yeti Cycles

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