The Balance Feat. Jon Television

Swedish film maker and mountain bike enthusiast Jon Bokrantz, has just released another gem, The Balance. Filmed in partnership with Philip Lundman, it's all about the trade-offs in life.

As Jon says, "Finding the balance between work and your personal life is a never-ending trade-off. In my case; that balance is between making films and riding my bike. The state of perfect balance is when they both converge; when I get the chance to combine both riding and filming at the same time.

Since me and Philip Lundman share this view upon bikes and cameras, we’ve have had the idea of making another film together on that theme for quite some time now. We finally found some time to make it happen."

I know this has been something I have been finding a bit of a battle of late, however hopefully I'm coming out the other side and once again there will be time for riding.

Source: Jon Television

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