Mavic Trans Provence 2013: Day 5 & 6

As riders started the penultimate day of the Mavic Trans-Provence for 2013, would the top riders continue to keep so close together? Jerome Clementz and Nicolas Lau completed the day with a second between them... after 5 days racing?

Meanwhile the rest of the top riders were within a few minutes of each other. A simple mistake could cost the event for anyone.

Anka Martin was starting to dominate the women riders by the close of day 5.

What would day 6 bring?

Day 5, Valdeblore - Sospel

Six days of riding, covering almost 300km and the victory by Nicolas Lau was a margin of 1 second from Jerome Clementz!

Anka Martin claimed victory in the women category as New Zealand claims her for our own.

An amazing effort by all the riders to keep so close throughout the event, it's also a credit to the event organisers of the Mavic Trans-Provence for 2013, to produce a course that held competitors so close.

Day 6, Sospel - Menton

Source: Dirt Magazine / Mavic Trans-Provence

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