Mucky Nutz, Bender Fender

As autumn turned to winter I decided that it was time to get ready for the regular anticipated change in Auckland riding weather.. in short it was going to become wet more often that not and I'd need to do something about keeping my riding enjoyable.. which means I need to prevent a face full of water and muck each time I rode.

Enter the need for some form of mud-guard.

I know that for many mud-guards are not cool, but let's be honest a face full of grit laced with dog-wee is not cool either.. it fact it's very not fucking cool.

In past winters I have run "moto" type mud-guards, which have worked okay, however they tend not to shed dirt, they hold it and they are also awkward when loading the bike into the back of the wagon or on the bike rack. I've also lost some critical bit each winter, which adds to my frustration and the need for a better solution.

Introducing the Bender Fender from Mucky Nutz.

Made by Mucky Nutz in the UK from sheet thermoplastic the Bender Fender arrived in the post in an A4 envelope with a roll of velcro tape. Installation took less than five minutes and I was ready... except for one key component.. rain! Auckland has been blessed with a cool, but dryish winter, so whilst the Bender Fender has been on the bike for four months it's hardly been wet... until now, spring has arrived and with it, Auckland rain has returned with some form of vengeance judging by the volume of water about.

The Bender Fender has kept itself out of my way. I've really not been aware of it's existence at all once it was installed. It's very unobtrusive both in terms of weight and appearance.

Despite the Bender Fender looking like half of it is missing, it works superbly and no longer am I subject to random bit's of dog-wee encrusted dirt, sand, rocks, mud and importantly streams of water, the Bender Fender just points it all some-where else. A noted bonus is unlike previous fenders, the Bender Fender is not pushing the flow down and on to my shoes, so my feet are staying drier overall.

To sum up, the Bender Fender is a simple product that does what it says on the label. It's scores additional kudos for being easy to install, being very light, simple and strong.

Pros and Cons + Light
+ Strong
+ Easy to install
- Nothing... could this be the perfect mountain bike product... yes, yes it is

You can buy your Bender Fender at Spoke Magazine online and ask at your local bike shop.

Image: These Broken Paths

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