Giant 2014 Trail Bikes

You'd be forgiven if you walked into a bike shop looking for a trail bike and walked out very confused simply because in the last few years many manufacturers have been unsure about what wheel-size people want.

It's gone very quickly from 26" wheels as standard, however the dust has not settled on what the standard should be. Most of the global brands have moved to embrace bigger wheels and a year ago it looked like all trail bikes would be 29" wheels… however (and you knew there'd be a however!) it seems that something not quite expected has happened, 29" is not the favoured wheel size, it's 27.5".

Giant Bicycles for 2014 have quickly moved away from their complete conversion to 29" wheels and instead have relaunched all their trail bikes in 27.5" (aka 650b).

Trance 27.5: Trail
The 29" Trance range is effectively dead and replaced by a new 27.5" range, which starts with an alloy framed entry model known as the Trance 27.5 running 140mm suspension all round. There are several models, depending on market, ranging from the 3 at entry level to the 1 at the top.

Trance Advanced 27.5: Trail
All composite frame, and in many cases, composite components, these are the flyer bikes. Giant have always provided composite bikes at a competitive price compared to other brands, but be warned a composite frame is an indulgence, however ownership of a Trance Advanced 27.5 could prove to be addictive.

Trance SX 27.5: All-mountain / Enduro
Here's where it gets interesting, the alloy framed Trance SX 27.5 looks to supplant the Reign, with it's matching 6" travel, however how many riders want to haul around a bike laden with a complete Shimano Zee downhill build?

Trance Advanced SX 27.5: All-mountain / Enduro
Composite frame and components running 1x11, should be fast up and down. The Trance Advanced SX 27.5 is matched to the latest Fox suspension tech, featuring CTD and Kashima technology.

Anthem 27.5: XC
Much like the Trance range, the focus has moved from last years 29" wheeled bikes to 25.5" wheels. Alloy framed and running on 4"'s of travel, the Anthem 27.5 is a great entry XC/Race bike.

Anthem Advanced 27.5: XC/Race
Composite frame and components in a 4" full suspension bike, the Anthem Advanced 27.5 continues to build on Anthems of the past. If you think the cost of entry is too high, there is the XTC Advanced 27.5 hard-tail.

Source: Giant

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