FiveTen Impact VXi

Is it wise to change a classic?

There's always a risk that it'll go horribly wrong, just ask Coke about what happened when they changed the formula of their cola drink in the 1980's, the back-lash is still talked about today.. of course if you get it right, such as the re-launch of the Mini, then you can create new passionate fans.

FiveTen have announced the new Impact VXi shoes, which have been redesigned. The Impact is generally held up as the flat shoe that all other flat riding shoes should be measured against, so making significant changes carries significant risk. For instance I know riders that would give up their bike before they'd give up their FiveTen Impacts!

The new shoes are souled in FiveTen's latest version of their fantastic stealth rubber, Mi6, which is now stickier than ever. The other new material is a hydrophobic foam, which means the new shoes will dry quicker. These changes have reduced the weight, which has always been an issue for me, as I thought the Impacts too heavy and have chosen to ride in FiveTen Freeriders for the past few years.

For those who like to ride clipless (SPD) there is also a new version of the Impact, which offers much of the features of the flat model. A significant change from the out-going clipless model is giving riders extended cleat slots, which has come about from feedback of people cutting the soul to get cleats behind the ball of the foot, to assist balance.

Continuing on from last year is the FiveTen tradition of shoes being inspired by riders. The blue shoes pictured will be the Sam Hill edition and the red are the Greg Minnaar SPD edition.

Look for the new FiveTen Impacts in store from March 2014.

Source: FiveTen

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