2013 Enduro World Series: Val D'Allos Results

The results are in from the second Enduro World Series event staged at Val d'Allos, France the weekend.

Tracey Mosley - GBR
Cecile Ravanal - FRA
Anneke Beerten - NLD

Nicolas Vouilloz - FRA
Jared Graves - AUS
Greg Minnaar - ZAF

Top placed New Zealand rider was Justin Leov in sixth with Trek World Racing.

The overall placings keep Tracey Mosley and Jared Graves in the lead.

There's some great pictures and video to be found @ Enduro World Series, @ Dirt Magazine and aslo Enduro MTB. The video below is an overview of day one the point of view of the riders.

Source: Enduro World Series / Dirt Magazine - Photo Matt Wragg / Enduro MTB

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