How Much Do You Value Your Brain?

I ride my bike most days and I have three kids who ride, a motley bunch with a variety of ages under 10… and my greatest fear is for them and me is a head injury. So without fail anytime anyone even thinks about getting on their bike they must be wearing a helmet, me included.

Now to be honest in the past I've not given it much thought beyond this: a helmet is worn to protect your precious brain and they come in a variety of styles to suit the various forms of riding, (personally I have a trail riding helmet, a full-face downhill/freestyle helmet and a BMX/dirt jump/park helmet) and I thought they all render good service… but do they?

Lately I've been wondering if a hard shell helmet, such as my Bell Faction is better than a "skin" style helmet such as my Fox Flux and if one type is better, should all the kids be wearing that type and what type should that be and then I read this article by Bruce Barcott for Bicycling.

Bruce has spent a year researching the cycling helmet industry, the result is not a sensationalist report, but rather a deep and sometimes disheartening look at the history of cycling helmets and their design and construction.

Essentially what it breaks down to is this, the helmet you are wearing, the helmet your children are wearing is not good enough and they can be better.

Please read the article to get the details, it's important.

When I finished reading the article I looked to see if I could get myself a better helmet, one of the newer MIPS designs from POC or Scott, but neither model is available locally. It's important to note that the standards for cycling helmets does have regional variation between Europe, USA and Australia New Zealand and this does mean some designs and manufacturers may have limited availability.

The word from the regional POC distributor is that POC could not afford to resubmit their helmets for testing to meet the AU/NZ standards, which are different to those of Europe and the US, so no POC Trabec Race MIPS for me today.

I looked at buying direct from POC in Sweden, but they ship only within Europe and to the US. The cost to equip the family is equal to a pretty good spec brand new trail bike, but I'd be pretty bad if that's how I measured the value and safety of my families brains... and I'm not that bad.

But I do feel that I'm bad…. bad that I'm not providing the best brain protection for my family.

Source: POC / Bicycling

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