RockShox 2013 Updates; XLoc, SiD, Revelation And Monarch

The humble handle bar is become more crowded these days with brakes, shifters, computer, GPS, lights, HD camera, smartphone, seat remote and suspension remote… where will it end?

I'm not sure… maybe it won't, but to help make life a bit less crowded SRAM have announced a new suspension remote for the RockShox range, the XLoc.

The XLoc is a light-weight hydraulic remote that will enable you to control the lock-out on front and rear suspension. Specifically the 2013 SID and Revelation XX forks and the Monarch XX rear shock. It's clearly aimed at the XC / Trail end of the spectrum, however I'd be very surprised if it does not become available for longer travel RockShox items later.

Using the simple push-button concept the XLoc got a lot of positive feedback in development according to SRAM. Also it's easy to install as it uses the new Connectimajig fittings recently announced for the Reverb seat post.

Of course RockShox have also redesigned the SID and Revelation forks for the 2013 models. Here's a summary of the new features below, including the brand new Motion Control DNA.

Motion Control DNA is available exclusively on SID and Revelation, in four models tailored for each individual riding style:
  • XX: Designed for riders looking for more efficiency. The XX Motion Control DNA damper features RockShox’s XLoc hydraulic remote lockout for the lightest, most ergonomic go-fast solution.
  • RCT3: Designed for riders looking for more bump gobbling performance. The new RCT3 damper features three distinct knob positions – Open (with low speed compression adjust.), Threshold and Lock.
  • RLT: Designed for riders who are looking for more stable ride. Featuring the adjustments of Motion Control – compression-to-lock with adjustable threshold.
  • RL: For riders looking for a more simple approach to suspension set up. The Motion Control DNA spring tube and refined Dual Flow rebound mated to compression-to-lock adjustability with a factory set threshold.

The Monarch rear shock has also been updated, with a focus on refinement rather than innovation for 2013.

Source: RockShox

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