Mongoose Beast Fat Bike

From Walmart!

For $199!

For real?

Fuck yes!

I'm getting a bit carried away with myself here… so I'll breathe and together we'll look at this and see if it's a genuine bargain of the year or a waste of money.

A Texan friend of mine posted on Facebook the question… "should I buy one of these and ship it to Singapore" (which is where he lives), the answers varied, however in general it's a YES… YES you should.

Meanwhile I'm cursing that the cost of freighting one on these starts to seriously negate the value of the sale, especially if it turns out to be a total piece of crud.

Looking at the specs of the Mongoose Beast, it's pretty certain you can't compare it to something made by the likes of Surly or Moots, but then again it's roughly a fifth of the asking price. In fact if you look closely at the specs it becomes more obvious the Beast is more of a casual/fun bike than anything too serious. It's similar to the clunker format with over sized tyres for comedy effect.

From the Walmart website: The Mongoose Beast is an agile, resilient bike that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to oversized tires for stability and traction. Cruiser geometry adds a comfortable but athletic riding position.

26" Mongoose Beast Men's Oversized All Terrain Bike
  • Frame: Rigid steel, cruiser design frame
  • Gearing (# of speeds): single speed
  • Brakes: rear coaster brakes
  • Wheels: 26" wheels
  • Tires: supersized beach cruiser 4-1/4" knobby tires
  • Wheel set: alloy 4" wide wheel set
  • Kickstand: extra strong kickstand holds the Beast
  • Handlebars: low rise ATB handlebars are comfortable and stable
  • Seat: padded seat
  • Pedals: 3-piece crank and beach cruiser pedals
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 250 Pounds
  • Assembly required
  • Dimensions: 68"L x 23"W x 41"H

To sum it all up though… I think it'd be a lot of fun and if you have the chance and you're heading to Auckland from the US please grab me one and I'll pick you up at the airport!

Images: Walmart

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