Juliana Bicycles Launch Range: From Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz have just upped the ante in the women's specific mountain bike world with a big push on the Juliana Bicycle range.

The range is named for Juliana Futardo, a legend from the early days of mountain biking, and Santa Cruz originally started offering it in 1999. The real change is it's not longer a re-coloured frame with some female specific components (I'm not dismissing female specific components… I just think it's long been the easiest option to offer a female specific bike), the Juliana range will cover a spread of specificly designed models.

There are four models in the Juliana range, the full suspension models are the, Furtado, Joplin and Origin. The Nevis is the sole hard tail. The range is focused on riders interested in trail, enduro and XC. If you want to hit up dirt jumps, big structures, serious all-mountain and downhill you'll need to be looking elsewhere.

Read down for a description of each model (which ship in various spec levels known a primo, secundo, and terco), from the Juliana release:

Designed to reign over steep and fast terrain, Furtado is the Monarch of the Mountain. Using the latest in Virtual Pivot Point suspension technology, Furtado also adopts the new 27.5” wheel standard to create a snappy, agile ride that descends with ease and defines a whole new era for trail bikes.

Climbing with the efficiency of an XC bike, yet with more love on the rocks than Elizabeth Taylor, this bike marries a unique geometry, spec and design not found anywhere else in the women’s bike industry.

Available in Segundo and Primeiro models, be prepared to see Furtado become “Queen of the Mountain” at enduro races around the globe.

Fitting Guide:
S: 5’1″-5’5″ (27.5” wheels)
M: 5’5″-5’9″ (27.5” wheels)
L: 5’9″-6’1″ (27.5” wheels)

The Queen of rocks and roll. 29” wheels float you through the rough, in a multi-award winning suspension package that effortlessly crowns hills. Designed and refined for years by Santa Cruz engineers, Joplin represents the height of efficient lightweight suspension technology for a 29” trail bike. Worthy of anything from all day rides to XC racing, we offer three models to suit your needs; from Terco and Segundo, to the carbon fiber Primeiro.

We can’t vouch that the Lord will buy you one… but Joplin certainly makes amends for the lack of high-end women’s mountain bike options that went before.

Fitting Guide:
S: 5’1″-5’5″ (29” wheels)
M: 5’5″-5’9″ (29” wheels)
L: 5’9″-6’1″ (29” wheels)

This is where it started. First launched in 1999, the original Juliana model continues to evolve as the women’s reference for beautifully simple suspension design in smaller sizes. Origin has a lightweight single-pivot design, with one of the lowest stand over heights in the industry for a women’s suspension trail bike.

The extra small frame size comes with 26 inch wheels, keeping Origin as compact and nimble as possible for riders up to 5’1”. 29 inch wheels grace the small and medium frame sizes, working in conjunction with the specially tuned suspension to ensure the ride stays smooth and momentum keeps pulling you forward.

Available in two models (Segundo and Primeiro) and two colourways (Persimmon or Pearl White).

Fitting Guide:
XS: 4’8-5’1″ (26” wheels)
S: 5’1″-5’5″ (29” wheels)
M: 5’5″-5’9″ (29” wheels)

Dirt debutant or mountain biking maven, Nevis delivers the signature Juliana experience in a lightweight package for women seeking smaller sizes. Our hard tail trail bike fits riders from 4’8” an up, with component and wheel sizes specced specifically to your height.

The medium and small frame sizes have 29 inch wheels, delivering all the high-rolling trail-smoothing benefits synonymous with the 29er movement. Meanwhile the extra-small frame size has 26 inch wheels to maintain low stand over and keep Nevis feeling compact, agile and confidence inspiring.

Available in two models; Segundo and Primeiro.

Fitting Guide:
XS: 4’8-5’1″ (26” wheels)
S: 5’1″-5’5″ (29” wheels)
M: 5’5″-5’9″ (29” wheels)

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