UCI Says No!

If you are considering riding in any events in the next 12 months it might be a good idea to have a long hard think about the implications from some statements (and "law changes") coming from the UCI regarding riding in non-sanctioned events.

Basically as it stands, if you ride in a non-sanctioned event the UCI and their local representative (NZ Bike for New Zealand for instance) will be empowered to ban you from riding in any UCI event and even representing your country. UCI have even allowed provisions for extensive fines to be handed out.

Brett Kennedy has written a pretty good overview of the situation and the implications which you can find here at the Spoke Magazine.

I've been discusses this with a few people in the last week and the consensus is this sucks... in fact the actual consensus was this fucking sucks.


Update: Here's some more thoughts on the debate from Michael Wissel at Dirt Rag, clearly this is starting to bug people.

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