GT Bicycles 2013 Overview

I like this quote by the GT Bicycles, "Would you tee-off with a putter? Drink your favorite beer in a martini-glass? Cut steak with a butter knife? Neither would we". Essentially, make sure you get a bike that suits your needs, as often compromises don't really work out well.

For 2013 GT have a pretty comprehensive range of bikes across the usual categories, downhill, all mountain, trail and XC.

Downhill - Fury
For 2013 GT are building on last years Fury range, of which to top model is the carbon framed Fury World Cup, a bike very close to those ridden by that amazing Atherton family who make up most of the GT World Cup team.

Alongside the Fury World Cup is the Fury Alloy, a significantly affordable alloy framed option with excellent pedigree.

MTBMX - La Bomba
A new category here.. well maybe not, to be honest it's just GT taking a creative slant on an existing one; dirt jump / park. The La Bomba range comes specced with parts that would be at home on downhill bikes so you know these bikes will take some abuse before they let you down. Allow framed, they can be used as a hard tail trail bike, however the reality as burliness equals weight penalty, so don't plan on lots of big climbs.

Enduro - Force LE / Distortion
The growth in endure style events now means there are bikes you can walk in to a shop and then ride out on something from the floor and enter an event if you are inclined. GT have the Force LE sitting at the top of their range, developed in part with Dan Atherton this bike is competitive from the start. The Distortion is also very capable, but be warned, GT only provide these bikes in medium and large frames.

All Mountain - Force
Similar to other manufactures GT offer their Force all mountain models in carbon and alloy frames, however they share the GT i-Drive suspension system. No significant changes in this model year, the carbon is light and the alloy bikes just seem a big hefty.

Trail - Sensor / Karakoram / Avalanche
If you have been looking closely you'll notice that GT Bicycles have often several bikes in a category. It's about offering riders a good idea of what a bikes capable of and they do it well. The trail category does get a little confused though as they have both 29" and 26" bikes mixed in with full-suspension and hard tail.

Very quickly, Sensor is full-suspension, Karakoram 29" hard tail and Avalanche is 26". The Sensor comes in both wheel sizes.

XC - Zaskar
Now if you throughout GT made their trail offering a bit confusing with different moles, then they have done the opposite in XC, all the bikes are Zsakar, but that covers 29", 26" and 24" wheeled offerings. Alloy framed vs. carbon framed and a sole carbon framed full-suspension racer.

They are essentially all race orientated, including the wonderful Zaskar 24" model, one of the very fews "proper" bike available from any manufacturer for kids who want to ride a proper mountain bike.

Womens - Karakoram / Avalanche
Despite having one of the most well known top female downhill riders, Rachel Atherton in their official team it's disappointing that GT Bicycles only offer a limited number of hard tails for women riders. With some of the "mens" models not have small or extra-small frames available they have essentially removed themselves from the shopping list of many female riders.

GT Bicycles have some wonderful bikes available this year, highlights are the La Bomba range and the seriously fast Fury World Cup. However their non-carbon i-Drive bikes continue to be a bit too complex and a bit too heavy.

If you are looking for something that suits the riding you do most, the you should consider the 2013 GT Bicycles range.

Source: GT Bicycles

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