Giant Bikes 2013 Mountain Bike Range

For the 2013 Giant have streamlined their mountain bike range into models they believe people want and that means 29er's, with the larger 29" diameter wheel are now the standard and bikes with 26" wheels are now the segment bikes.

Since the segment bikes make up the smaller part of the range, let's look at these first.

Glory - Downhill
No significant changes to the Giant Glory for 2013, it's still the same alloy frame that the factory team have been using in World Cup UCI races for the last few years. Interestingly, Giant have continued to shun carbon frames on their DH rigs.

The component set-up of the Glory variants does differ from market to market as Giant have attempted to keep prices at what the market will cope with, so in New Zealand the Glory 0 seems under-specced, but as I wrote earlier, the frame is same on all models and it's really very good.

Reign - All Mountain
For 2013 the Giant Reign range has dropped from 3 models to 2 locally. Both offer 6" of travel with the focus on climbing to the top of the trails and then some rapid descending.

Now we move from the segment bikes to the mainstream/popular models. These are all exclusively 29" wheeled bikes.

Trance X - Trail
For 2013 the Giant Trance X range is gone completely over to 29er. The travel has continued at 5" and there are 4 models being offered locally, however across the world there will be variation in components, the big change is the removal of the carbon fibre frame option, which was a popular light-weight trail bike.

Anthem X - Cross Country
The Giant Anthem range continues again this year with 29' wheels. The Advanced models feature a combination of alloy rear triangle / carbon frame. This is the full-suspension bike for someone who wants to get there quickly and price is less of a consideration.

XTC - Cross Country Hardtail
The Giant XTC range has converted totally to 29er in both the alloy and carbon frames (Advanced).

Apparently for Giant W stands for women and sadly they have gone from one of the brands with the best coverage for keen female riders to offering a sole bike. I don't doubt it's a good bike, however in discussions with female riders I know, they have dismissed the offering as they say it's limited to taller riders who prefer smoother trails or would be competing in cross-country type events.

Giant continue to offer a ranges of bikes that start with a good frame and then allow flexibility for customers budgets based on the components offered and believe they offer what the market wants.

A word of caution, in the past Giant bikes in these ranges tended to come bundled with matching group sets/brakes etc from a sole manufacturer, but that has changed, it's now very mix'n'match and many components are "house branded". It's nice hardware, however to be honest it lacks the cachet of having a bike with branded hardware, such as seats, posts, bars & stems.

Images: Giant

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