Redalp DH; For When You Want To Be Different

The world of bike design continues on... what might be a strange duck one month would could all be riding in a year of so, so enter an interesting design from Swiss company Redalp, the Team/Replica DH.

It features an interesting solution for chain control and a very high single-pivot design. I'm not sold on seat solution because I'm 5'6" and I can't see this suiting riders under 5'8" unless you have long legs. Also in getting loose could your foot drag back into the chain and rear wheel?

  • Chain link [Pro-Motion]. No chain growth, no squat, and no pedal back kick.
  • Lightweight – both models are less than 37lb (16.8kg)
  • Reliable, robust aluminium/carbon frames in 6061-T6
  • Increased rearward axle path dominates rocks and roots
  • Single pivot point, reasonable production cost, competitive sales price
  • Low maintenance
Source: Redalp

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