Mondraker Zero mm Stem, AKA Forward Geometry

Innovation is a funny of beast, some things come along and really do make significant changes, such as the original Mini redefined how to engineer small cars. Most front drive cars today are a variation of the Mini, but when it was launched it was unlike anything else on the market if you wanted a similar priced small car in the early to mid 1960's some of your options would likely be the Ford Anglia, Fiat 500 or VW Beetle... but hold on I can see that some of you are about to argue about the merits of these cars, but the reality is pretty simple, the engineering solution of the Mini won because if you buy any of the current equivalents of those cars today, BMW MINI, Ford Fiesta/Focus, Fiat 500/Punto, VW Polo/Golf they all basically a version of the original Mini.

So the innovation we are looking at here is from Mondraker, a stem that sits directly in line with the the fork, this it has Zero mm length. Mondraker says the concept allows the handlebars to remain in the same position in relation to the rider with the front-center length being extended. Front-center is the distance from the bottom bracket to the front axle. They say the extended wheelbase aids in both climbing and descending, while the direct relationship between the bars and fork give a very percise steering response. It will be available on Mondraker's 2013 Factor XR, Dune XR, Foxy XR, and Summum XR models.

I've seen more that a few comments that removing variable length stems from the equation will result in bikes that suit a rather limited range of riders, but I disagree and think that can be over come by looking at variations in riser angles on handle bars. Personally I can see this suiting my personal style and comfort, as I have shorter legs, longer torso and arms, so I have always struggled with long stems.

There's also an excellent video from Fabien Barel explaining the concept and check out his Renthal bars. I think I really want to try this concept out.. so Mondraker, I'm waiting!

Source: Mondraker

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