Orange Gyro; The Full-Suspension 29er

There's a common thread that runs through my writing about mountain biking; an appreciation for companies that manufacturer in their local market. My first paying job was working for an Auckland company who made a variety of things, from building hardware to marine engine pumps, from gardening pumps to sailing hardware, which means I have a deep understanding of what's involved with designing, manufacturing and finally selling. I'm still connected to the company through my Dad who has been working with them for almost 40 years and I'm witness to how hard it is to complete with goods manufactured in China at such a lower cost.

So I'm really impressed by companies such as Orange Mountain Bikes and Hope, who continue to develop and grow in the UK and around the world.

Both of these companies rely on evolution over revolution, with products being updated incrementally each yearly cycle as new products involve a big chunk of money for research and development. To put it in perspective, a company like Scott or Specialized generally earn the equivalent revenue of Orange's entire range from a single model..

This means that to launch a new bike on a new platform can be a big risk, which means for Orange to launch a full-suspension 29er is pretty brave. This is not a 29er bash, as many companies such as Niner and Turner have thrived adopting the larger wheel profile.

The Orange Gyro builds upon their proven folded aluminium chassis and technology to the 29er wheelset. With 120/110mm travel the Gyro should be a capable XC/Trail bike. I'm taken with how they have adopted the Maxel rear end, as I love this technology over "skewer" style axles.

Source: Orange Mountain Bikes

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