Fuss Free Blink/Steady Lights From Brooklyn

I'm pretty sure that these have not been designed with with mountain biking in mind, as the look more urban, much like their place of manufacture Brooklyn, NJ, USA. However they'd make for excellent commuting lights.

The primary construction is an aluminium billet that's CNC machined to suit. There's no external buttons, which makes for a rugged product. It'll switch itself on and off based on movement (of the bike) and also detecting the amount of ambient light and to keep it on your bike, it mounts directly to the seat post.

The designers at Blink/Steady have given a 100 hour runtime for two AA batteries.

If you'd like to get a set, then you'll need to join the Kickstarter community and hand over some money. Kickstarter is a method that designers and small manufacturers can use to not only gauge market acceptance, but also source funding to start manufacturing. Essentially you take your concept or prototype, work out how much it'll cost to make X number and then see if you can attract enough buyers. When the magic number is reached, funds are released and can start creating, packaging and finally shipping.

Images: Blink/Steady

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