SRAM Bring Back Grip Shift

SRAM have announced that Grip Shift is returning to the competitive section of the market in a big way for April 2012 onward as part of the 10-speed XX and XO ranges.

That's some big news right there!

I've never owned a bike with Grip Shift, but have ridden a few and back in the late 1990's I was envious of my friends who had a set on their bikes... it just seemed a bit more... well thought out than the various trigger options.

It was also a popular option for competitive riders, such as John Tomac, Ned Overend and Anne-Caroline Chausson. Also lets not forget that Greg Herbold in 1990 won the inaugural World Championship Downhill using Grip Shifters.

To prove the relaunch has some serious product XC rider Jaroslav Kulhavy won his 2011 World Championship with pre-release Grip Shifters.

Source: SRAM

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