Cricket Trailer; A Light Weight Camper

I found this really cool camper designed by an architect who was formerly at NASA. It's built around the same principles he used to apply to designing vehicles for space, minimalist and strong, which sounds much like mountain bike construction.

The designer, Garret Finney describes it this way: “It’s not a house on wheels but a portable adventure living space", and it's called the Cricket Trailer.

To me this translates into a brilliant companion for mountain biking, you could set it as a base for a day in the forest or at a competition, or as a support vehicle for an enduro or overnight race and if you are into touring great places to ride, but not "touring", then it's pretty near perfect to tow.

It's very well thought out and ultra light, with the weight between 450kg and 675kg, it'll not be a drag to move about, but all that comes at at cost, starting at USD$10,000.

To read more about the Cricket Trailer and look at some of the brilliant features, go to


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