This Is Just Awful

It's been over a month since I last rode and over a month since I last wrote... what the fuck has been going on!

I do have a couple of good reasons why riding and writing have not been happening - a 5mm kidney stone, multiple hospital visits and an irregular heart beat and sadly, they are all mine.

Just as I got back on the bike after the chicken pox fiasco, my body decided that I still needed some time away from the world of mountain biking. I needed some extreme pain, drugs I really did not need and some time in hospital... in fact repeat visits.

One morning I awoke at 4:00am with pain in my abdomen... maybe some gas I thought, after all, it was curry for dinner. Get up, walk around, felt okay and back to bed. Woke up just before 6:00am... more pain, and this time it did not go away... then I'm on the floor of the lounge asking Carla to call me an ambulance, between whimpers.

The Emergency Department Doctor declared that I had Diverticular Disease, have some meds and go home... err okay, I feel better now I guess.

How wrong was I. By 3:00pm the pain was back, so Carla bundled up the kids into the car, I hoist myself into the passenger seat and howl... I insisted we stop at some friends, after all Bob's an anaesthetist, so maybe he could help. He did, when I collapsed on their deck he insisted that I needed to be at hospital and I needed to go in an ambulance, but as we had no idea what was wrong no pain relief for Gaz... awwww... fuuuuuuccckkkk.

In the ambulance they Ambulance Officer tells me she's having trouble reading my pulse, so she'll use the heart monitor. I think that's okay until she then asks me if I've ever had any issues and my heart was now beating in an irregular fashion... oh great! To top it off, some fucker has spilt fuel oil on the motorway, so lots of detours.

The story basically starts to go even further downhill from there, and to save y'all that mess, a CT scan showed a kidney stone, a chest x-ray showed my heart was not damaged... yay... I think.

It took two more visits to the Emergency Department, and a lot of pain to convince them to surgically remove the kidney stone, they are nasty painful fuckers, something you'd really only wish on child molesters and people who do not switch off their phone at the cinema.

I'm now stone free and waiting for an appointment with a cardiologist. The irregular heartbeat may have been brought on by the stress and shock of the kidney stone, or it could be something I've had for years and never noticed when I've been riding. There have been no chest pain or tingly arms to date.

So the alarm is set for an early ride tomorrow...

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