New Zealand Media Hates Mountain Bikers

Does the headline read a little extreme, or is it on the money?

In the last few days New Zealand riders have won medals at the peak of international competition for mountain biking, the UCI World Championship held at Champery, Switzerland. An outstanding achievement and congratulations to Sam Blenkinsop and Anton Cooper, they both grabbed a position on the podium, and clearly the riders from New Zealand were competitive, as in most categories a good share of the top 10 came from here.

With such outstanding results and being such a sport loving nation, you'd think we'd be celebrating the magnificent work of these athletes and and singing their praises... right... er right... seriously? The answer is you must be fuckin' kidding!

Here is what the media in New Zealand had to say:

TVNZ - nothing
TV3 - er.. nothing
New Zealand Herald - more nothing - nothing to see here - look, I found nothing - nothing, they know nothing
Otago Daily Times - still nothing and Justin Leov owns a bike shop in Dunedin!
Christchurch Press - still haven't found what I'm looking for
The Dominion Post - okay, this is just fucking embarrassing now
So that's New Zealand media, from television, newspapers and the largest online portals and not one of them has anything. I don't know whether to be angry or ashamed, so I'm going to have one last look...

Huzzah! Over at the site I found the headline, "NZ mountain biker claims bronze at worlds" and there's even a photo of Sam Blekinsop, so it's a brave attempt by the team at Stuff, even if they do not know how to write and present a headline.

So there you go, New Zealand Media Hates Mountain Bikers... but hold on there is an epilogue to this sad fucked up tale of woe, just do a wee search on Google and see what you can find on locally written and curated blogs... it's just brilliant.

To conclude, New Zealand media may hate or misunderstand mountain bikers, but who cares riders and bloggers love you.

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