Marzocchi Fork Updates For 2012

For the 2012 model year, Marzocchi is introducing a brand new hydraulic travel adjust system, dubbed Switch TA on their 55 and 44 models.

Marzocchi say this will deliver a travel adjust system that does not affect the damping. The optional travel change of 40mm (on the 55 series) or 30mm (on the 44 series), won"t make you break a sweat riding the steepest climbs and most technical switch backs… sounds pretty good eh?

The basic idea behind the system has been around for a while, in 2001, Marzocchi developed, ECC "Extension Climb Control" which was later updated with the successful, ETA "Extension Travel Adjust" and the latest update means a rider can reduce travel to enhance climbing, but it will not compromise your ride and the ability to soak up a rough trail… I'm tempted to say enough with the fucking acronyms, but alas Marzocchi is not, so say hello to the Switch TA… a partial acronym at best.

The Switch TA and has been developed from scratch as a hydraulic
system, and has removed issues with air pressure compromising the solution. With one simple switch of a knob, you can change the parameters of your mountain biking experience by exactly the change you expect – precise to the millimetre. The switch is a simple on/off, so you don't have to fiddle around with knobs.

Switch TA differs from other travel adjust systems because the fork automatically re-extends without pulling back up on the bars. It looks pretty easy and simple while still allowing for some buttery smooth travel in both the reduced or extended

If you are keen, get your local bike shop to hook up with the Marzocchi experts over at Wide Open Distribution.

30mm Travel adjust on 44 series
40mm Travel adjust on 55 series

Source: Marzocchi

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