2012 Avanti Mountain Bike Preview

It's comes as no surprise to me that I wrangle an invite to preview the upcoming 2012 range from Avanti that events would conspire against me… and they did, as the kids came down with chicken pox and I was needed back at the home front as soon as possible.

So with some of the knowledge gained about the traps here's a little about what you will no doubt see on the trails and in store at the tail end of this year.

The trail orientated Torrent has been tweaked with the front triangle feature increased stiffness for less weight… always a good idea. Also depending on which model there's new Fox Shox suspension at both ends and look out for the new colours.

New for 2012 is the Motiv, essentially it's the Torrent/Vapour model adapted to suit female riders, much like Giant and Specialized. Though it's worth noting, whilst Specialized produce their awesome Safire range, Giant no longer have a segregated model range, but have introduced the Giant 4 Women version of existing bikes, such as the Anthem XW. They have focused on a range of components, such as bars, stems and seats etc. to provide the best fit. You'll notice the Giant 4 Women components are scaled to fit smaller hands, narrower shoulders etc.

The Motiv range has be developed with feedback from a program Avanti has been running with female riders at all levels and I think they should be congratulated on delivering a performance 100mm trail bike. The Motiv features changes in frame angles to suit female riders along with matched components. It'll be available in two models and similar in specification to the Torrent/Vapout.

The Vapour range will increase for 2012 to include a 29'er version. Whilst it looks similar to the updated 2012 Vapour, it's been developed from the ground up as a new bike. I have heard there is a possibility that the bike might hit the stores with a new identity, rather than Vapour 29er, which is what it's be referred to currently.

Avanti certainly have the longest reach in New Zealand (and Australia) with the Avanti Plus retail network and it's great to see their range of performance mountain bikes becoming stronger after a couple of years in the wilderness. I'd keep an eye on them over the next couple of years, as it's likely the range will soon include an All Mountain range with longer travel to go beyond the Torrent.

If you are hankering for a DH rig though, I have to admit that I'm unsure how this would stack up for them. Despite the growing popularity in locally and the outstanding performance of our DH riders on the World Cup it's a big commitment for design, resource and manufacturing before you even start to build a brand… however, never say never eh.

Source: Avanti / Spoke Magazine

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