2012 ADB Range Previewed

I think it's about time I follow up on the last of what I know is coming up for ABD, the Avanti BMX / Street / DirtJump brand for 2012, focusing on what we love, dirt jump'in!

For 2012 the brand itself is getting a bit of an overhaul, check out the new look logo below. I think it's a fucking massive improvement over the old logo, which was just "ABD" and a bit shit! The latin, Veho Duras translates to Ride Hard; and that's pretty smart.

Look for the new logo and colourways to appear in retailers later this year on the Dirt Jump bikes. Like previous years there is a cromo (steel) frame which covers three models, each one stepping up in specs for forks/shock, brakes and cranks. The alloy frame will be in two models again, though when questioned about the recalls for the two previous alloy designed frames (Avanti Derelikt and ADB Flow) it all went a bit quiet and awkward.

Personally I like the great new solid colors and with the cromo Type 3 equipped with SRAM Elixir brakes and a RockShox Argyle fork… I'm starting to feel tempted.

Whilst y'all know about my ill feeling about riding on the road, I'm very impressed by the look and features of Avanti's new commuter range the inc. The picture below is of the inc 3, which features a belt drive (I think it's a carbon one) and an 11 speed Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal rear hub. This looks the part of a solid commuter bike and I'd be keen to give it a try along some of the new cycleways as they open.

Images: Avanti/Spoke

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