Tweak... Farewell To The Workshop Cat

This is Tweak, he is... or rather was our cat with the stripey tail. Sadly he passed away last month due to illness caused by rodent bait. It was most likely that he ate a mouse or rat that had very recently eaten bait and before it showed signs of being unwell. The current generation of rodent bait is very nasty and despite a great effort by our local vet, Andrew, it was just too much for his system.

The last couple of months has seen some heavy rain and that means the rodents have been less happy in their bush dwelling and more inclined to seek shelter around houses and garages. In the week that Tweak passed away we learnt that other people we know in our area have also lost cats due to poison. If you have rodents, be really considered about your options to control them... after all Tweak was a fantastic ratter and he was doing a great job keeping them at bay and now that population will grow and endanger the birds this summer as our cat is not about.

I'm pretty certain Tweak had a good life, he was adored by our family and a constant companion no matter where we were and what we were doing. It seemed whenever I was repairing or modifying my bikes he would appear, as if to assess the quality of my work in his own quiet way. He'd look around, maybe sit on a chair or the workbench, mooch for some attention and then he'd be off... unless it was close to what he considered to be his meal time, in which case I'd get a stern vocal reminder and a piercing look as if to say, "stop shaggin' about with that and feed me ya' twat".

Damn I miss that cat...

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