RockShox Reverb Stealth; Now You See Me, Now You Don't

RockShox have announced an intriguing partnership with Scott and Trek for 2012 where both manufacturers will have access to Reverb Stealth adjustable seat post. Everyone else no doubt has to wait until 2013, but if you look at my recent post on the Commencal Meta AM a bit of creative thought will deliver something that's nearly as stealthy.

Since its introduction in 2010, the RockShox Reverb has been pushing the benchmark for adjustable height seat posts, winning many magazine tests. With its hydraulically actuated remote lever, Reverb gives 125mm of infinite seat-height adjustment and control of return speed to give riders the right saddle height, right away.

For 2012, the exclusive partnership with Scott and Trek will introduce the new Reverb model: the Stealth. The significant difference between the Reverb and Reverb Stealth is the hydraulic hose’s exit point from the post. Reverb Stealth’s hose exits the bottom of the post, routing internally through the frame, creating a non-moving, clean hose-routing solution and yes creating nice clean lines on the bike.

According to RockShox, the Reverb Stealth will be available on select Scott and Trek bikes for the 2012 model year (in store about October/November). Scott will spec the Stealth on the Genius LT 10 and 20, while Trek will provide specific model details shortly. All Reverb Stealths will ship to the dealer with a full bleed kit, hose coupler and MMX spacer. With the MMX spacer in place, Stealth’s remote lever can standalone on the handlebar, remove the MMX spacer and use the remote as the mounting clamp for your Avid brakes and SRAM shifters.*

Additional technical information with complete installation videos specific to each bike will be available through their YouTube channel:

*MatchMaker X is compatible with Avid Elixir 7, Elixir 9, XO and XX brakes as well as SRAM X7, X9, XO and XX shifters

Source: SRAM

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