M55 Beast; Electric Bike Is A DH Monster?

It's not exactly your everyday electric-hybrid bike is it?

The M55 Beast has been built specifically to be ridden down the side of mountains the hard way, unlike most electric-hybrids, which have been designed for commuting.

Built in Hungary and financed by a European Union development plan the specs for the Beast read like a combination of World Cup racer and one of those wacky light-cycles from Tron (the good Tron, not the "bad" Tron).

The Beast is equipped with all the required DH hardware, including a Fox Talas fork, front and rear Brembo brakes and a Nukeproof titanium rear spring with a Fox DHX RC4 shock suspended by a single pivot to offer 172mm of travel. The frame is constructed of 7075 aluminium, and housed inside is an electric motor and battery pack comprised of Tenergy cells.

Torque output starts off at a uninspiring 3.84 pound-feet, but thanks to a speed reduction transmission, twist can jump to 76 lb-ft, allowing the rather portly (nearly 73 pounds) Beast to hit a V-max of 48 mph. Although M55 doesn't cite a range, the company claims the battery packs can be recharged to 80% capacity in a mere 15 minutes.

Now for some other numbers, 55 will be built for sale at the eye-watering price of USD$33,500, which in NZ money will get you a brand new Honda Insight hybrid and change left over to buy a brand new Giant Glory 01 and some tasty kit if you are good at negotiating! The savings you'd get from not paying for the shuttle back up the hill seems a bit pointless, but it's an impressive piece of hardware.

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