The Fatback, And Why I'm Considering Moving To Where It Snows

Say a big hello to my latest lust, the Fatback Aluminum from Speedway Cycles, Anchorage, Alaska.

Clearly there must be something special in the water in Anchorage, otherwise, how else do you explain why they came up with such an awesome idea. That big-ass tire is 4" wide... 4" fucking inches for a mountain bike tire, brilliant! Though you'd have to be careful where you ride it, as a tire of that width is certainly going to make your odd mate feel a bit inadequate. So why 4"... well it's so you can ride in the snow, quite common in Anchorage for pretty much most of the year, also all that width is just right for sand, which could be the game changer for me.

Speedway Cycles have been building the Fatback in titanium, and introduced the aluminum frame to make a more affordable version (retail is USD$600, including the fork).

Can you jump it? - No idea, but would love to try

Can you race DH on it? - Yes, it's presence on the start line would no doubt result in mass anxiety in your competitors and their immediate withdraw... hence victory

Can you race 4X on it? - Possibly, as long as you have no issue with not making it past the first round, or you happen to be Jared Graves

Can you race it XC? - Damn fucking straight, but under no circumstances should this comment be a warrantable statement that you would either a] win or b] not grin like a loon

Can you convert it to single speed? - Without doubt, but actually making those big fat rims and tires move uphill quickly, I'm not so sure... I admire your audacity

Where do I get 4" tires? - Go see the team at Surly

Meanwhile I'll be scheming on how the hell I'm going to get hold of one of these... 

Source: Speedway Cycles / Courtesy Dirt Rag

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