Specialized BigHit The Project Bike

After many months of hinting at a project bike to keep me out of trouble over the autumn, winter and spring months I'm now proud to unveil the end results, a Specialized BigHit.

Through a combination of savvy shopping, Internet trawling, bargain hunting, TradeMe stalking and Facebook sleuthing the bike was finished a month or so back, during the final weeks of the R&R Sports Winter Racing Series. It's been a fun and trying process locating parts and pieces, doing some swapping and trading, then some dismantling, parts tweaking and finally assembly. Some of it went exceptionally smooth and others not... in fact so distinctly not smooth there were a few moments the whole project was destined for posting on an online auction site as a box of parts.

It's certainly tested my abilities as a home mechanic. At the start I was very sceptical at the need for a wide variety of specialist tools and some proper advice, as I've worked in an engineering workshop, I own a set of spanners, a couple of hammers, some screw drivers and a very cool cordless drill, I'll be sweet as... fuck no! I was a shambles, at many times a hazard to myself and certainly close to destroying parts I'd so carefully sourced. Remember this folks, possession of a workshop stand does not make you a bike mechanic, though it could make your bike mechanic quite wealthy.

I've learnt what I can do, which is a longer list than I thought it would be and I also learnt what I cannot do, while it is not as long as the first list, it's quite long.

There was a few times I was wondering why I was building a gravity bike, as I'm not exactly over-flowing with spare time right now, but now it's here I'm set for taking some appropriate challenges... at the time I did not now that I'd be entering the Red Bull Rock Drop, but here I am.

Assistant mechanic, Luka. Whilst he's yet to learn how to re-build a set of 318 Domain forks, he handles a mean broom and is very encouraging.

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