This Monkey Is Gone To...

It was always going to happen at some stage, I'd arrive at Woodhill Forest and some vital component would be missing. I suspected it would be lights, shoes or helmet, instead I was surprised that it was my front 15mm QR axle... as soon as I opened the rear hatch to get my bike out, I knew it was not there... shit fuck, shit fuck! A quick conversation with the Woodhill Bike Park Manager, Haydz and thanks to the kindness of Stefan, I had a replacement to get me through the nights race.


So how was round seven of the R&R Sports Woodhill Wednesday Night Race Series? It was good for me, was it good for you? My time has continued to come down each week and my time in the saddle has continued to increase, though there are still a couple of spots that catch me out on Charlie's Angel, but I'm almost there. I think if it was a twelve race series I'd be sweet! Sadly next week with be the final night in this series, which means conquering the trail will have to be done on my own time.

Meanwhile I need to get back into my morning bike riding groove, as my entry for The DUAL has been confirmed and I'm looking what else is coming up over the next few months. Essentially I need to work on my speed and build my fitness up a few notches and as always, skill on the bike needs work... a lot of work!

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