Six Of The Best

Arguably my racing over the collection of weeks would not be described as best anything, not even best effort, as it's all been pretty casual on my part. However it's still been a lot of fun and there are two more weeks to go.

Last night was race six at the R&R Sports Woodhill Wednesday Night Race Series and whilst again I was passed by many going a lot faster than me, I still had a lot of fun. Each week I get more confident and have less parts of the course that cause me grief or terrify my within an inch of my life.

I even managed to cut a bit more time off, it would have been quicker, but I stopped to collect discarded water bottles off the trails... hey if you drop you water, go back and find it asshole, as I don't want to hit it at speed and then peel myself off a tree... jerk! I stopped because I thought it's not good to leave things in the middle of the trail and I did not realise I was actually making good time... d'oh!

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