Kili Flyer; The Retro Saracen

A couple of posts back I featured the Saracen Myst, the new DH bike from revamped UK brand, Saracen.

Well, here is a bike that harks back to when Saracen was a scrappy local player in the 1980's UK scene battling against the big US brands, such as Diamondback, Mongoose and Specialized, it's the Kili Flyer.

And like the original 1988 original, this Kili Flyer construction starts with a CrMo frame, precision cut and hand assembled, then matched to some of the nicest parts around.

It's a limited edition model, so do not expect to see it at your local store... but if I did, it would be coming home with me... consequences be damned.

Source: Saracen

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